1. Figure out attractive tourism resources in target areas. Design tour package products and mitigate challenges. Promote alternative destinations.
  2. Integrate informal sectors in tourism value chain (producers’ end). Raise awareness of the tourism MSMEs in touristic hotspots (buyers’ end) on regional food and handicraft products. Develop a mobile App and an online shop platform to connect producers and buyers.
  3. Provide technical assistance for producers and service providers to achieve better quantity and quality. Develop and demonstrate Appropriate Technology solutions. Encourage circular economy practices.
  4. Support producers to design and develop new products (agri-food, handicraft and packaging) and services (homestays and tour package). Develop prototypes and test.
  5. Establish a model village (also learning center and educational tourism destination). Capacitate stakeholder groups for agri-/educational tourism and technologies for agri food processing and handicraft. Promote the model village.
  6. Develop marketing materials and disseminate the outcomes. Support local government and national institutions in the formulation and implementation of rural tourism policies and guidelines. Facilitate access to financial programs.
Workshop with stakeholders
Interest Group workshop in Trashigang

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