Project Overview

The SHINE project is funded by the EU SWITCH-Asia Programme and implemented in Bhutan from 2020 to 2024 for sustainable tourism development with active engagement of the agri-food and the handicraft sectors. The project is targeted in eastern and southern parts of Bhutan, including Trashigang, Pemagatshel, Trashiyangtse, Mongar, Lhuntse, Dagana and Zhemgang.

Tourism Potential


The place got its name from the historic Daga Trashiyangtse Dzong which was established in 1651 by Zhabdrung
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The Dzongkhag takes special prides in being an ancestral home of kings and with splendid Jigme Namgyel Nagtshang
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Mongar denotes the beginning of the eastern district. The district is well known for the pilgrimage site.
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Pemagatshel meaning “Blissful Land of the Lotus”, is located in the southeastern part of Bhutan. The district is well known for the
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Trashigang dzongkhag is located in the eastern Bhutan bordering with the Mongar Dzongkhag
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The district has numerous cultural products and very unique natural products that most other dzongkhag
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Zhemgang has enormous potential for community based/ eco-tourism development because of its rich biodiversity.
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Regional Food Program

The Regional Food Program (RFP) of the SHINE project aims at promoting indigenous cuisines of eastern Bhutan among both tourists…

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Experts’ Review workshop on Tourism Attractions

SHINE invites a number of experts to validate and enrich the contents of the upcoming 'Tourism Attraction Book'. The first…

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2nd Experiment: Flavored Whey Drink

Whey is yellowish and semi-translucent liquid that separates from the curd during the cheese making process. Whey is obtained after…

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The 1st SHINE Calendar is here!

The first SHINE calendar is for 2022 and it presents 12 selected edible flowers and wild plants. Contact us to…

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More Success To Come

SHINE's first success story has been shared with EU SWITCH-Asia stakeholders worldwide, together with the endorsement of Daniel Hachez, Minister…

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