It’s hot, but delicious!

chili paste lab

The SHINE Team in Thimphu is currently carrying out a number of laboratory experiments to develop a new type of fermented chili paste, which you can take as ‘Ezay (spicy chili sauce)’. You can have it with vegetables, meat, rice and noodle. 

In many rural districts in Bhutan, large volume of chili is produced. Sometimes surplus goes wasted as it cannot be processed in time. One of the preservation methods of chili is fermentation. 

Green and red chili has been used to make different kinds of paste. Mixed with garlic and other ingredients, the paste is fermented in a jar over a certain period of time, to result in a spicy and slightly acidic sauce. Throughout the fermentation process, beneficial bacteria grow.

lab trials -chili

Sensory assessments were carried out to check the overall preference of the prototypes developed and to receive feedback for further improvement.

The test bottles will be distributed among the chili producers and processing facilities in the target districts during the field trip of the project team. The standard procedures of making the paste will be delivered and replication will be promoted. 

chili paste lab

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